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Floor paint green product development speed waterborne ground
Published:2014/4/18 Visitors:338

Water-based floor paint floor paint is now the world"s product mix toward the other direction to reduce VOC , water-based floor paint is one of the development of them. The proportion of floor paint solvent-based traditional Chinese gradually decreased , the speed of development of water-based floor paint soon, but polyvinyl alcohol still a large proportion of low-grade varieties .
Improve the quality of water-based floor paint , the development of new varieties is to consolidate and develop water-based floor paint is an important part . The 21st century, energy conservation has become a social enterprise must bear the responsibility for water-based paint technology as energy conservation, health surrounded by the main measures become the focus of industry attention .
With the rapid development of the construction industry , especially high durability , high energy efficiency to promote the application of architectural coatings , high performance epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings demand has been widespread concern, and with the environmental enhanced requirements , energy conservation become a social responsibility , water-based floor paint the pace of development and environmental advantages introduced , more and more water-based products in the flooring industry can be applied. Water-based floor paint green product development speed waterborne epoxy floor coating for its significant performance , functionality, environmental advantages , in all kinds of water-based floor paint , the more attention by experts and market recognition.
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people"s environmental awareness , many countries have enacted restrictions volatile organic solvents (VOC) environmental regulations , water-based paints , solvent-free and high- solids coatings differentiation has become an inevitable trend of development . According to experts, China"s industrial floor coatings is now largely solvent-based and solvent-free epoxy floor coatings , solvent-based epoxy floor coatings contain more organic solvents, water-based floor paint these organic solvents in paint production and construction phases into the atmosphere , polluting the environment , and harm to human health ; solvent-free epoxy floor coatings contain small amounts of reactive diluents , reactive diluents commonly used as butyl glycidyl ether ( have a certain toxicity ) , the use of self-leveling construction process , the coating thickness of 1 ~ 5mm, a higher cost and contain volatile organic solvents.
As environmental regulations and people"s awareness of environmental protection , water-based epoxy floor paint will be widely used , research and development of water-based epoxy floor coatings industry with great economic and social benefits . Water-based and solvent-based epoxy floor paint epoxy floor coatings with comparable performance , water-based epoxy floor paint existing waterborne coatings can be used in the pharmaceutical , food , hospitals , textiles, chemicals , electronics and other industries production plant , office buildings , warehouses, laboratories floor coating , especially for the ground floor , basement , underground parking and other more humid environment.
Water-based floor paint as green products , water-based epoxy bound to get people"s approval and widespread use . Advantages of waterborne epoxy floor coatings ( 1 ) high coating adhesion , corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance , high hardness, wear resistance, and excellent electrical insulation ; ( 2 ) water as a dispersion medium , odor , nonflammable, storage, transportation and use of environmental compliance ; ( 3 ) water-based epoxy floor paint curing after coating in the presence of a small amount of water , avoid solvent-free epoxy floor paint is too dense and cause the cured moisture in the concrete can not be removed , resulting in bubbling , deformation, hollowing even peeling coating defects.
Waterborne Epoxy Floor Coatings particularity makes the cured coating after drying with micro pores that allows water vapor permeability , so that the release of water vapor pressure inside the concrete , making the coating from damage , while protecting the concrete ; ( 4 ) easy to use, good construction performance , water-based floor paint construction tools can be cleaned with water directly reduce construction costs ; wide range ( 5 ) applies , can be used at room temperature and humid environment , and the old base also has a good re-coating ; ( 6 ) decorative, smooth surface, there are semi-gloss , matte and a variety of colors to choose from . Although water-based epoxy floor coatings have many advantages over the Shenzhen invoicing but denied it also has some drawbacks: the construction process and the material surface cleanliness requirements, due to the large surface tension of water , dirt and easy to produce the coating shrinkage ; because it is water-based paint , unsuitable or low temperatures in winter construction ; against strong mechanical forces poor dispersion stability ; corrosive coating equipment for large and requires the use of anti -corrosion lining or stainless steel , high equipment cost . ,

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