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Painting style floor construct...

Thickness :0.5-0 .8 mm surface morphology: silk-type life: more than five floors features: seamless wear-resistant, mildew waterproof, color variety, easy cleaning and maintenance, construction of fast, solvent, low cost;
Scope: garment factory, printing, toy factory, textile, electronics plants, electrical plants, injection plants, warehouses, offices, etc.
Technical indicators:

Dry time (hours)

Drying time (hours) ≤24
Adhesive strength (Mpa) ≥2

Wear (750g/300r, weightlessness. G)

Hardness (pencil hardness) ≥2H
ResistanceH2SO4,10% 168Hours no change
ResistanceNaOH,10% 168Hours no change
Resistant to gasoline,120# 168Hours no change
Water resistance 168Hours no change
Oil-resistant 168Hours no change

Construction Technology:

1, water treatment: general ground floor need to do water treatment;
2, Su deal: According to prime position to do sanding, repair, removal and other processes;
3, an exceptionally strong permeability and adhesion industrial epoxy floor coating time, enhance adhesion;
4, epoxy batch soil: According to the actual needs of the construction again, required to achieve smooth, pinhole-free, no wear marks as the standard;
5, the top coat: The epoxy topcoat color specified by the customer, roll twice coating, after the completion of the overall ground color uniform, bright and clean, no hollowing;
6, delivery: After the completion of 24 hours before the Master, 72 hours before the weight (temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius required to be extended curing time) daily cleaning can be used wet mop to clean.

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Address: Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Xu Zhen Industrial Park Jinjiaba
Tel: +86-0512-63209418 63210018  Fax: +86-0512-63205900 Phone: (0) 13382161588
E-mail: sg@gfclean.com  Website: www.gfclean.com
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