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Selenium titanium wear-resista...

Selenium titanium Emery
Emery also known as pop selenium titanium silicon with quartz sand , petroleum coke or coal tar wood and other raw materials in high temperature resistance furnace smelting . Currently two types of carbon and green silicon carbide China"s industrial production , are hexagonal crystals, specific gravity 3.20-3.25 , microhardness 2840-3320kg/mm2, great hardness of silicon carbide , has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity , high temperature antioxidant .
I. Description
Alloy orthopedic alloy wear-resistant flooring material by a certain particle gradation , special cement, aggregate materials and other parameters admixture composition . Be spread evenly in the initial setting of the concrete surface phases , specially processing technology , making it the concrete floor to form a whole . And has a high density and high performance wearable coloration ground .
Second, the scope
Need to wear and impact resistance of the ground to withstand greater loads or work area more frequently , requiring clean production areas. Applies to public facilities and commercial sites , such as shopping centers , theaters , hospitals , parking lots , sidewalks , roads and so on. Apply to old concrete floor remodeling project .
Third, the product features
1 , strong concrete floors throughout abrasion resistance, impact resistance and strength.
2 , improve the density of the concrete surface to reduce dust generation , increasing anti- oily surface , forming a high-density, easy to clean, impervious ground.
3 , durability, and reduced costs due to the cyclical thickening of the surface coating or brought .
4, the construction with concrete floor , short construction period .
Fourth, the construction steps
When the grass out front 5-6硂pour into dry , sprinkle orthopedic shop , shop and strive to spread evenly, sprinkle material carried out twice , and the guarantee amount .
1 , the first total shop sprinkle 2 / 3, with polished disk compaction rub hair ;
2 , the second Spreading the total 1/ 3 , with the polishing disc compaction rub hair ;
3 , after the initial setting , with the calender trowel again ;
4, check the spread material flatness wipe after feeding on low-lying a timely adjustments , and then rub the hair at the compacted , trowel handle ;
5 , before completion , with a trowel for polished arrived process is completed ;

Experimental conditions
Technical indicators
Compressive strength
Tensile strength
Mohs hardness
Abrasion resistance (g)

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