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Law resin mortar floor

Thickness :1-5mm (divided into a three-coat fabric, two four-coated cloth, three cloth five painted several specifications)
Morphology: self-leveling trowel flow type, roll surface, slip-type and other life: over 8 years
Flooring Features: This kind of flooring is based on the traditional self-leveling resin mortar, combined with the practical effects, developed a new type of industrial flooring. When this kind of floor coating applied in two or three layers of glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing layer, play a role in skeleton, it can not only increase the matrix strength and elastic modulus, and can reduce shrinkage, increase the heat distortion temperature and low-temperature impact strength integrity and impact and resistant to pressure, there are significantly improved, coloring freedom, smooth and bright, easy to clean and care in future.

Anticorrosive pool, pool chemical drugs, towers, anti-cracking floors, impact resistance requirements for higher places food plants, electroplating workshop, circuit board on the floor temperature is higher this place.
Floor Performance Specifications:

Dry time (hours)

Drying time (hours) ≤24
Adhesive strength(Mpa) ≥2


Hardness (Shore D) ≥80
Compressive strength(Mpa) 130
Tensile strength(Mpa) 100
Flexural strength(Mpa) 230
ResistanceH2SO4,10% 60Days unchanged
ResistanceNaOH,10% 60Days unchanged
Resistant to gasoline,120# 60Days unchanged
Water resistance 60Days unchanged
Oil-resistant 60Days unchanged

Construction Technology:

1, water treatment: general ground floor need to do water treatment;
2, Su deal: According to prime position to do sanding, repair, removal treatment;
3, epoxy primer: exceptionally strong permeability and adhesion industrial epoxy floor coating once, enhanced surface adhesion;
4, laying fiberglass cloth: the fiberglass cloth smooth start with woven glass epoxy coatings will cement on the ground, and with trowel Daogua flat, evenly coating, enhanced ground toughness needed Shop 1-3 layer
5, the coating: epoxy resin by adding an appropriate amount of quartz sand, with a trowel evenly on the glass fabric;
6 batches of soil: 1-2 times depending on the actual needs of the construction, requiring smooth and no holes, so that top coat construction;
7, surface coating: epoxy self-leveling top coat with a trowel, roller surface and the top coat twice slip type shall require floor bright and clean after topcoat, color uniformity.

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Address: Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Xu Zhen Industrial Park Jinjiaba
Tel: +86-0512-63209418 63210018  Fax: +86-0512-63205900 Phone: (0) 13382161588
E-mail: sg@gfclean.com  Website: www.gfclean.com
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