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Emery metal wear-resistant flo...

I. Description
Electroplating, printing and dyeing , pharmaceutical, food, machinery , petrochemicals and other moderate ground need corrosion corrosion occasions.
Second, the scope
Highway , textiles, military enterprises ; industrial plants need to bear a greater load or operating region is more complicated ; requirements of clean production areas ; apply to docks, airports, garages , parking lots, bridges, channel ground ; apply to old concrete floor of the conversion .
Third, the product features
1 , high abrasion resistance, permanent cloud of corrosion .
2 , anti-static, dust can not afford not to get angry .
3, enhance the anti- oily surface , easy to clean , anti- penetration.
4 , simultaneous construction with concrete floor , short construction period , good durability .
Fourth, the construction steps
When the initial set 5-6 before硂into dry grass , laying sprinkle aggregate strive shop sprinkle evenly spread the material out twice , and the amount of guarantee
1 , the first total shop sprinkle 2 / 3, with polished disk compaction rub hair ;
2 , the second Spreading the total 1/ 3 , with the polishing disc compaction rub hair ;
3 , after the initial setting , with the calender trowel again ;
4, check the flatness撒科wipe after feeding on low-lying timely adjustments , the Department of compacted hair rub , wipe light processing ;
5 , before completion , with a trowel to do to complete the polishing process to reach ;
Technical indicators ( non-metallic metal orthopedics and orthopedic indicators compare )
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Address: Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Xu Zhen Industrial Park Jinjiaba
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