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Epoxy floor paint life and curing time
Published:2014-4-18 Visitors:796

Often appear poorly controlled curing time , floor coatings after mixing phenomena such shorter time after the epoxy floor paint construction . Now analyze the causes and countermeasures for the next two phenomena .

Defect conditions and reasons:

Shorten the life . If the prepared floor coatings have been placed in the container , it will accumulate heat of reaction , resulting in faster curing , but it affects the life of the floor . General construction higher the ambient temperature , poor ventilation , use of time will lead to shorter .

Slow curing . Is too slow curing epoxy material in particularly low temperatures (10 ° C) a curing reaction becomes slow. 5 ° C what is absolutely prohibited construction . This phenomenon has a great relationship and viscosity , the lower the temperature, the viscosity will be higher , it will be more difficult construction . Curing time is too long will cause the coating from dust , sand and other stolen goods , or even slow down period. Another point is that at the construction site plus solvent will cause curing too slow , because the volatile solvent will take some heat and cool film .

Floor paint defects solve responses:

Construction of the temperature control between 15 ~ 25 ° C; do not arbitrarily at the scene plus solvent .

Good mix flooring materials to flow out of the base surface and timely construction , should not have been placed in mixed containers , paint contact with the concrete is cooled , the reaction heat timely dissemination , longer curing time can increase the pot life ; addition, the key is that the ratio of the amount of pot life of the resin and curing agent selected , so strictly to determine the type and amount of curing agent according to the ambient temperature changes.

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Address: Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Xu Zhen Industrial Park Jinjiaba
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